Setting up a Webinar

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a seminar which is conducted using the internet, instead of the typical seminar setup at a conference hall. etc. Conducting a webinar involves using a form of web conferencing software. A webinar will facilitate back and forth communication between the presenter and audience. This contrasts from a Webcast, which broadcasts information in one direction only. Webinars are a ‘live’ event, in the sense that information is presented according to an agenda, with a starting and ending time.

What are the benefits of conducting a Webinar? webinars can be worldwide

A Webinar can help businesses-large and small reach customers, prospects, or employees more effectively than inperson seminars because there is no need to plan travel or reserve a conference venue. Webinars provide a cost effective method to help businesses reduce travel costs, qualify leads quicker, motivate employees, and improve customer relations.

Unlike traditional meetings, webinars can feature participation by attendees world-wide.

What factors are important when choosing webinar software?

A good webinar system, should:
*Be easy to use
*Have the features you require and support the software that you use to share documents.
*Charge a flat rate (this avoids extra charges when doing a ‘trial run’ or scheduling ‘follow up’ webinars.)
*Offer a free trial period, so you can determine if the webinar software suits your needs.

Setting up a Webinar

When planning a webinar for the first time it’s important to conduct a trial run a few days before the actual event. This helps you become more comfortable with the software and work out any bugs you may encounter in the process.

Finding the Best Webinar Provider

Start by choosing a quality webinar provider. GoToWebinar has a do it yourself interface which lets you present, plan, record and analyze unlimited Webinars with an audience of up to 1,000 attendees each – all for 1 flat fee. GoToWebinar – is a new, affordable, diy Web event service that doesn’t require a consultant. Setup for GoToWebinar only takes about 2 minutes. They have a Free Trial offer.

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