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What is an Interactive Map Search?

• A new search tool option that consumers can use to find listings
• A step beyond just seeing the results of a search on a map
• A way for consumers to use the map itself to find the area where they want to see properties

What is the Value of Map Search?

Easy to Use – a map is a natural tool for real estate search. Consumers are very focused
on the location of a property and a map makes it very easy to find listings in the exact
location where they want to buy.

Engaging and Exciting - consumers love the FUN of the map search. It’s a great way to get
people excited about searching on your site and entice them to come back again and again.
Having the “latest and greatest” in search technology on your website helps differentiate
you from other realtors and positions you as an expert in online real estate.

Find More Listings – when forced to choose a city from a list before seeing a map, the
consumer might never see a great listing in a great location that just happens to be in a
neighboring city. This is especially useful for people relocating to a new area, or interested
in living near an attraction that may span multiple cities like a lake, park, or golf course.
How is it better than other Map Products?

Usability – we always focus intensely on building tools that are easy to use and
our Map Search tool is no exception. Our designers have leveraged their expertise in User
Experience to create a map search that is attractive and intuitive.

Performance – other map searches are slow and clunky and keep the page frozen for a long
time while listings load. We’ve optimized our tool to maximize speed and responsiveness.

Integration – the Map Search tool is built into your site.  Users do not have to leave
your site and be taken to some other place with advertising for other companies.  This way
you capture the leads, not some massive realtor site.