Eight Important People that can Help You Prevent Foreclosure

Your most important assets in preventing foreclosure are people who can help you, so before you begin composing a plan, pull up a list of people you can rely on. Your list may include the following:

Relatives and friends with money: Your dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, or your rich uncle or aunt may be in a position to help you financially, like loaning you the cash you need to catch up on mortgage payments or redeem your property. Do not hesitate to ask for help. After all, if you were in a good position to assist a relative or friend in similar situation, wouldn’t you want her to ask you for assistance?

Relatives and friends without money: Even if your relatives and friends are not well off financially, they help in other ways, such as watching your children so you can work overtime, offering moral support and cooking meals for your family.

Bank representative: Although you tend to see the foreclosing bank as your nemesis, the bank’s attorney or representative may be a great ally or at least they can offer helpful assistance. He may give you a couple of extra weeks to get the money together or figure out a payment plan with you.

Real estate agent: He may be able to sell your property for you before you lose your home entirely and all the equity, through foreclosure. Even if you don’t wish to sell your home, call a real estate agent to study this option. It is estimated that selling your house is the best alternative in about ninety percent of all foreclosure cases.

Register of deeds: The register of deeds is probably reluctant in giving any advice, but he may be able to refer you to other people who can help you.

Sheriff: If the sheriff is in charge of managing the actual foreclosure sale, he may be agree to explain to you how the foreclosure system works and provide you with valuable information.

Bankruptcy attorney: Bankruptcy may be the best option. Depending on your financial situation, you can either liquidate existing assets based on Chapter 7 bankruptcy and try to have all debts removed, or reorganize the debts under Chapter 13 bankruptcy to pay as much mortgage as reasonable and perhaps even save your house.

Foreclosure attorney: A trusted attorney who has good experiences in foreclosures in your location is your ultimate ally, assuming you can afford the expensive services. The attorney can review your financial status, mortgage and other legal documents; let you know of your applicable rights; inform you when the lender has neglected to adhere to the regulations and represent you in court; and rules in your jurisdiction.

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