Advantages of Tableless Web Design

Gone are the days when websites used to be designed with tables. Now it is tableless web design which is hot on the trend. Web developers find tableless web design to be more friendly and flexible than the table based web design. Use of tables calls for complications and hazards that every web developer wants to bypass. The following are the major advantages of tableless web design that account for its soaring popularity.

Swift loading
This is the prime benefit of designing a /”>tableless website. Loading tables is a time consuming process. A table based website usually loads slowly which is likely to put off visitors. Tables feature a great many codes that delays loading. A website designed with tables is crammed with numerous td open and td close tags that turns the entire structure clumsy. However, if the same website is devised in the tableless format, 60% of the unnecessary files can be done away with. Therefore every web development company should pay close attention to this aspect before offering their services to the clients.

Less Complicated Codes
In a tableless website the codes appear absolutely clean and clear and feature very few symbols. This makes it a hot favourite with web developers because they do not have to spend hours implementing changes in the code. A clumsy appearance will make it difficult for a web developer to spot the problems. It is due its extreme convenience that web developers continue to vote for /”>tableless web design. Simplicity is a benefit of a tableless website that enables the web developers to quickly incorporate new features in the website.

Flexible presentation
A tableless website allows web developers to easily incorporate changes in the style, graphic or font. You need not revamp the entire structure of that website. By modifying the CSS files you can change any aspect of the website. Moreover, a web developer does not need to update all the web pages manually. Simply updating the CSS files will take care of the problem.

SEO friendly
A web design should be based on search engine optimization. It has been observed that websites featuring fewer codes are search engine friendly. Moreover, these websites can be indexed easily by search engine bots as they have fewer codes.

Using standard codes
While designing a tableless website, ensure usage of proper and standard codes as that is of crucial importance in this kind of web design. Try using standard codes while designing a tableless website as this will enable you to incorporate necessary changes in future without much trouble.

Devising a tableless website calls for in depth knowledge on div tags and CSS. However, modifying CSS files of div tags is not a difficult task. The process does not take much time for completion. Owing to the timesaving and easy nature of the job, it is regarded as highly cost-effective.

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